Roof Cleaning

Roofs  that don't see as much sunlight are more prone to moss infections and If your roof is severely infected by moss his can cause serious problems. When moss is wet it is 5 times heavier than dry moss and as you know we receive more than our fair share of rain in the UK but when the temperature drops in winter the moss freezes and that can cause the brittling of your roof tiles. When the moss spreads from roof to guttering this affect your building resilience to damp, which can severely impact structural integrity.


How do we clean roofs?

First we would removal all the moss from your roof, this would involve using specialist scrappers which are designed to specific roof tiles, and depending on how high the roof is then either the use of a scaffold tower or a cherry picker, this enables us to work safely at height and would give us better access for all part of the roof.

After the moss has been removed we would then apply our soft wash biocide which would kill off algae, lichen and any remaining moss. This works by puncturing the cell wall of the live biofilm, killing the organism down to the root. the organism dies and will eventually disappear leaving the surface fully disinfected and will give longevity of the clean.


What is our softwash biocide?

Our softwash biocide is fully licensed, powerful biocide which give a soft and gentle treat that kills organic growth and disinfects with out damaging surfaces or the environment. it has a low environmental footprint and biodegrades quickly, once dry the solution is PH neutral and safe for your pets.